BULK Bath Salt Tubes



These bath salts make perfect party favors for bridal showers, weddings, or spa parties. In the gift message section please indicate how many of each scent you want. They must be in increments of 5.

Bath Salts:

Lavender- Epsom Salt, Rolled Oats & Dried Lavender Flowers
Lavender & Peppermint- Epsom Salt, Dried Lavender Flowers & Peppermint Essential Oil
Lavender & Rose – Epsom Salt, Rolled Oats, Dried Rose Petals & Dried Lavender Flowers
Rose- Himalayan Salt, Rolled Oats & Dried Rose Petal

Directions: Pour entire tube into warm bath water for soothing and relaxing soak.

As with any bath salt, please use caution as the bathtub may become slippery. In addition, please keep in mind everyone’s skin is different and products may react differently to certain skin types! These bath salts don’t not come customized.

Bulk Bath Salts

20 (37.00), 25 (46.00), 30 (55.00), 35 (64.00), 40 (73.00), 45 (82.00), 50 (91.00), 55 (100.00), 60 (109.00), 65 (118.00), 70 (127.00), 75 (136.00)


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